Checking Account For Those With Bad credit



People who have bad credit apply for checking accounts thinking that since they are not listed with Chexsystems they will automatically get a checking account.

They do  not know  any better that the banks most likely will run a credit check.

Now more than ever because of the Economy the way it is banks are checking peoples' credit before opening any type of bank account, not just a business bank account.

If you have bad credit, banks can and will deny you a New Checking Account because of your bad credit scores.

We recommend that you have at least a 650 Credit Score and up before applying for a Checking Account. And make sure that you are not listed with Chexsystems.


There is Help out there. A Checking Account for those who have been turned down a traditional bank account because of bad credit.

This bank already knows that you have been turned down and will approve you for a checking account today.

There is No Up Front Deposit. 100% Guaranteed Approval. Routing Number, Checking Account Number & Debit MasterCard all provided free. With Online banking to pay for your bills.

You can apply for free online to speed up the process. Excellent Account. This account is great for people who want a 2nd Chance Checking account because of their bad credit scores.

No Chexsystems Checks

Bad Credit Approved

No Credit Checks

Apply online today for your new bank account and apply with the relief of knowing you are already approved:

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