Second Chance Checking

Second Chance Checking With Checkbook

Our company is here to help all of you who have bad credit, are stuck in chexsystems, or telecheck get a Second Chance Checking Account.

We offer a Second Chance Checking Account with Debit MasterCard, A Checkless Checking Account offered through Republic Bank, and a Prepaid Visa Bank Account.

If you are in Chexsystems they list you there for 5 years.

What are your choices when you cannot get a Checking Account because of Chexsystems? 

We have 3 Second Chance Checking Account choices for you to choose from below.

And remember these facts when reviewing your options. *Listed below are options for all 3 combined together. Pick the Account that best suits your needs.

Account Features

Free to open, no face to face embarrassing interviews, apply online in the comfort of your own home, knowing you are approved ahead of time, MasterCard Debit Card provided or Visa Debit Card, Rouing Number, Checking Account Number, Guaranteed Approval, Online Bill Pay, Bad Credit Approved there are not Credit Checks, Chexsystems Approve there are no Chexsystems Checks, Online Banking, Access your money 24/7, no more money orders, save time and money by having your bills deducted from your new bank account, check balances and monthly statements online or mailed, Joint Checking accounts with bad credit are also welcome through Republic Bank's Second Chance Checking Account offer.


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We have a Brand New Offer for Second Chance Checking Account and Second Chance Checking Account for Businesses!

Guaranteed Personal & Joint Checking
*Free Checks
*Free Debit MasterCard
*No Chex Systems or Telecheck
*Everyone Approved

Guaranteed Business Checking Account
*FDIC Bank
*Everyone Approved




Second Chance Checking Account

Guaranteed Second Chance Checking Account with Mastercard Debit Card. $0 to open. Online Application. Routing Number, Account Number, Online Bill Pay. 100% Approval. And More.

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Second Chance Bank Account Checkless Checking

Guaranteed Second Chance Bank Account with MasterCard Debit Card, Routing Number, Online Bill Pay, Account Number, Online Application and more....This is a Checkless Checking Account offered by Republic Bank & Trust

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  AccountNow® Vantage Prepaid MasterCard®

Visa Card with all the perks of a Checking Account
You can Online bill pay-Online Application 100% Approval Write Checks online and more...

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Helping People With Bad Credit & Chexsystems

Now more than ever with today's Economy the way it is people are struggling for something as simple as a bank account. Because of rising oil, food, job layoffs and so much more hundreds of thousands of people cannot afford to pay their bills.

This obviously messes up your credit and could possibly play a major effect on your bank account.

How Did You End Up In Chexsystems?

When the bank contacts you with a notice that you overdrafted your checking account make sure that you pay it back a.s.a.p.  Even if you are low on cash you must call them and work something out to get your account back to good standing.

Otherwise, the bank will put you in Chexsystems. If, however you contact them with a solution and tell them the troubles you are having most of these banks will work with you, saving you and them the trouble of contacting Chexsystems.

The bank would rather you make some effort in paying back the overdraft than lose any money. Especially now.  Banks are struggling as it is.

No matter which bank you bank with, they always, contact you by letter and maybe even by phone to let you know about your account being overdrawn. They give you a few weeks to get your account back to good standing. If this is ignored they have no other choice but to contact Chexsystems. We are sure you will agree with us when we say it is so much better to call your bank, tell them the situation you are in, and come up with a solution.

This beats being listed in Chexsystems and not having a Bank account for the next five years. And that is where we come in and help you try and get through the next 5 years by offering this second chance checking account designed for people like you in Chexsystems or have bad credit.

People With Bad Credit Scores Are Being Denied As Well

Even people who are not in Chexsystems are being denied checking accounts because they have bad credit. People with bad credit are suffering right along with the people in Chexsystems. They cannot get bank accounts because of their credit scores.  People who are in Chexsystems will be listed with Chexsystems for 5 years and probably, sadly, denied any type of banking account during those years.

And, people with bad credit will suffer for seven years. Bad Credit stays on your credit reports for 7 years. Meaning, if you are going to apply to banks that run credit checks before opening a checking account, then you can be denied because of your bad credit. Bad Credit Bank Accounts are guaranteed through our offers. If you have been denied a Checking Account because of  Bad Credit or Telecheck let our company help you now. All applications are accepted. 

Learn more about bad credit checking accounts click here.

For More Help In Getting Out of Chexsystems: click here

Let Us Help You

It's a no win situation with bad credit or being in Chexsystems and trying to get a bank account. Until now. Let our company get you through the next 5 years, maybe 7 years for people with bad credit. We work with banks who already know you have been denied a traditional checking account.

These banks are waiting upon your application to approve you and get you through it. And we are proud to work with these companies that can help you. Please keep in mind there are no credit checks and there are no Chexsystems Checks. If you have bad credit or are in Chexsystems it doesn't matter you are approved regardless!

If you are in Chexsystems you will be in their Database for 5 years. Let us help you get a Second Chance Checking Account Now. This account is a Guaranteed Checking Account with Debit MasterCard.



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